Bittoro Staking

Earn profitable staking while maintaining a decent degree of decentralization and allowing the Bittoro blockchain to run more energy efficiently.

Bittoro Staking Income Algorithm


Exchange Bittoro tokens

Purchase tokens by internal conversion from your trading or main balance.


Convert to Staking

Use transferring tokens form from the main balance to the staking balance.


Withdraw regularly

Withdraw profits from Bittoro staking on the day you activate the program.

More Bittoro tokens in staking - higher profitability

Store all non-trading funds in Bittoro Staking with proof of stake technology, the more Bittoro tokens are staked, the higher the potential return on staking.

Holding funds benefits in a Staking program

Fixed income from the staking program

The investor knows in advance how much income he will receive. Interest amount depends on the validator and the cryptocurrency name.

The value of assets is not depreciated

The digital asset will depend solely on market fluctuations, and in the long run, the strategy will bring profit.

No minimum amount value

Regardless of the cryptocurrency and trading conditions, an investment of at least $1.00 is enough to activate staking

Staking - the basis for the formation of your financial portfolio

Set a vector for storing your finances not only on external crypto wallets, but also on the internal Bittoro Staking account for a constant increase in staking profitability.

Finance decentralization in staking

We guarantee control complete absence over the funds owners on the Bittoro Staking account due to complete decentralization in the Bittoro Blockchain management.

Received currency in staking exchange for any available cryptocurrency

Exchange your earnings from Bittoro Staking for any cryptocurrency thanks to Bittoro Arbitrage Group's partnership with 70+ trading exchanges and leverage crypto for internal trading.

Constant availability of your funds

Manage your own staking funds and constantly use them in profitability programs for arbitrage and robotic trading.

Arbitrage trading
Arbitrage trading
Earn on the difference in digital assets value from 0.20% per arbitrage trading transaction on your own funds and from 0.05% * of a crypto loan leverage on one transaction. The open positions for trading constant availability will allow you to use funds from the Staking account around the clock to receive the main profitability direction under the Bittoro programs.

*The profitability percentage on lending programs depends on the current Bittoro partner status.

Robotic trading
Robotic trading
Trading process automation using trading robots allows you to purchase rights packages for trading robots with marketing tied to the corresponding profitability status for funds earned in staking. Trade automated both on falling and rising cryptocurrencies and track Online trades and transactions statistics. Use profit from trading transactions in the Staking program to generate returns on holding funds in staking.

Earn on alternative Staking-storage

Earn income from alternately staking cryptocurrencies on your Bittoro wallet by leveraging assets when addressing funds to lending programs.

For staking questions, please contact customer support Ask a Question.