Bittoro Loan income lending

Use the instant lending function secured by cryptoassets for personal needs with a minimum interest rate or increase the arbitrage trading volume without additional commissions by issuing a trusted cryptoloan.

Crypto loans issued

BL 170.000+

Capitalization Bittoro Loan


Redeemed for today


Earned on arbitrage trading with Bittoro Loan

Average percentage of liquidity: 3.22%

Crypto loans from Bittoro benefits

Unlimited crypto loan amount depending on the license availability for robotic and arbitrage trading, automated return conditions and minimum commissions for use.

Flexible repayment terms
Credit obligations automated write-off in arbitrage trading immediately after the transaction. Convenient functionality for paying credit obligations when issuing a loan for standard trading or personal needs.
Instant issuance
The application terms for consideration range from a few seconds for arbitrage trading to 24 hours for trading or personal needs.
Minimum return rates
Pay up to 0.15% of the leverage for a completed arbitrage trade and up to 1.50% per day when issuing a crypto loan for personal needs.
Convenient conversion
Specify a cryptocurrency pair when applying for a loan and receive a crypto loan in the required currency for trading.
Lack of bureaucracy
No need to sign contracts, check credit history and provide documentation when applying for entry-level crypto loans.
Crypto loan for personal needs
The minimum commission and convenient functionality for paying credit obligations when issuing a loan for standard trading or personal needs.

BITTORO LOAN 2.0 functionality update

The Bittoro Loan feature upgrade initiative will be rolled out in 2022 and will feature affordable lending to increase the cryptocurrency trading leverage towards arbitrage trading. With the Bittoro Loan launch, we are starting a loyalty program to lower interest rates for using crypto loans for the Bittoro Arbitrage license regular users. Get up to $100,000 to increase your trading volume on a single trade and pay a lower percentage for using a credit asset. We are starting a new chapter in our lending service evolution, making it even a more powerful tool for borrowers.

Flexible functionality for choosing a credit direction

The lending purpose independent choice, the borrowed funds amount and repayment terms with the appropriate interest rate for use.

Arbitrage trading

Instant approval for the credit obligations issuance with minimum interest rates for use up to 0.15% for a completed arbitrage trade.


Approval for the credit obligations issuance within 12 hours. Up to 0.90% per day for the borrowed funds use when trading inside Bittoro under the appropriate license.

Personal lending

Apply for a personal loan and get approved within 24 hours, indicating the available amount, interest rate and loan terms. The average interest for using credit obligations is up to 1.50% per day.

Loyalty program

The loyalty program for regular Bittoro Loan borrowers allows you to reduce the percentage for using credit assets when conducting arbitrage trade transactions:

Base - 0.20%
Silver - 0.15%
Gold - 0.10%
Platinum - 0.05%

Flexible interest rates for using crypto loans

Get up to 0.35% per arbitrage trade. Automatic credit obligations write-off up to 0.20% of the transaction is guaranteed within a few minutes. Continue arbitrage trades after the Bittoro Loan crypto loan fee has been debited.


30 days
Loan period


Rate for 30 days


60 days
Loan period


Rate for 30 days


90 days
Loan period


Rate for 30 days


180 days
Loan period


Rate for 30 days

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